cincinnati bicycle
cincinnati bicycle

Adjust & Lube Checkist

The Short Answer:

  • Brakes are tightened, straightened, and checked for over use.
  • Derailleurs are adjusted for proper shifting and smooth operation.
  • Lube is applied to chain, cables, and derailleurs.
  • Bike is test ridden for unusual noises and final safety check.

The Long Answer:

  • Wheels are checked for straightness and safe operation, hubs are checked for smooth operation, and tires are checked for proper mount and wear.
  • Headset is checked for tightness and smooth operation, handlebars adjusted to proper angle and height, shifters and brake levers are lubed.
  • Brakes are adjusted, tightened, and checked for proper wear.
  • Derailleurs are cleaned, lubed, and adjusted for smooth operation.
  • Cables are checked for proper routing and fraying, then lubed.
  • Bottom bracket is checked for stability and smooth operation.
  • Bike is test ridden for unusual noises and final safety/performance check.